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The Minister of Higher Education receives a delegation from the Arab Academic and discusses cooperation...

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Naeem Al-Aboudi, met with the Preside...

The University of Babylon cooperates with the British Council to grant the international IELTS certificate...

The University of Babylon has partnered with the British Council to offer the IELTS certification, ...

Twinning project with The Universities of British...

The University of Babylon weaves a tapestry of intellectual exchange with British counterparts, bre...

Collaboration in research between the Babylon Center and German research institutions...

The Babylon Center for Cultural and Historical Studies welcomed a distinguished German delegation, ...

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scholarships at the university

The Scholarships and Cultural Relations Section provides details of the scholarships available within the Study in Iraq program, for details of the scholarships click here To start applying for a free scholarship for Arabs and foreigners, please go to the online portal click here


Postgraduate admission

Application for postgraduate studies at the University of Babylon begins on 2/5/2023, and our university will start receiving applications through the electronic system designated for this purpose. The application and admission process is subject to ministerial controls. For more information you can go to. For more information click here

main activities

The University of Babylon is the first Iraqi university to implement integrated technical electronic management (G2C-G2G-G2E) in conducting daily transactions in its administrative and scientific fields.View E-Governance.

cbern conference

The University of Babylon conducts the yearly periodic conference on security and lowering chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear hazards in collaboration with the Iraqi National Security Advisor and the US Defense and Risk Reduction Agency website visit.

The Department of Media and Public Relations at the University Presidency has prepared a report on the University of Babylon and its latest scientific achievements in French. The purpose of the media report is to promote the university's global awareness and to connect with people who speak this language all over the world, particularly in Europe and Africa . View the report

Empowering women is an academic project concerned with women's affairs at the university and aims to prepare them to be in advanced administrative and political positions. The Women Empowerment Unit at the university works to achieve many things, including providing the Department of Women’s Empowerment in the Ministry with all the activities that take place at the university and preparing workshops and seminars related to women.More

University Rankings

Babylon is an ancient historical city dating back to the Mesopotamian civilization, and its ruins are found in Iraq between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Babylon is located 94 km to the southwest of the city of Baghdad. It is considered one of the most influential and famous cities in history. Its magnificent ornate walls and buildings, its status as a base for learning and culture

For the first time, the University of Babylon achieved an unparalleled major Iraqi milestone by entering the Times World Ranking for the first time locally and (601) globally among (1799) universities from (104) nations.

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