Training and Integration

The University of Babylon provides different forms of training and follow up activities for the students and alumni to expand their employability opportunities. We mainly focus on self-development, and encourage teamwork and creative thinking skills to bridge the gap between the skills of current graduates and the demands of the workforce at local, regional, and international levels. Through the expanded partnerships with academic bodies and employers, the university has designed a set of distinguished programs to qualify students and graduates for the workplace. Besides, a number of systematic studies have been prepared and conducted to examine the demands of the present labour market in terms of vocational skills, employability skills, and entrepreneurship. Several plans have been designed and implemented to prepare students for the workforce and encourage them to actively take part in the programs. These activities and initiatives are organized and conducted by the University’s centre for career support, training, and follow-up.

Training form

Joint Training Agreement

The University of Babylon has initiated the training of undergraduate students to prepare them to the workforce and make them familiar with the work environment that awaits them after graduation. In cooperation with governmental and semi-governmental organizations, the University has drawn up a solid training program to organize the systematic training of students and under the direct supervision of the college deanships at the university. Under the guidance of the University Chancellor and the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor for Scientific Affairs, the Web Development Division at the University Chancellery launched in 2021 the first step of the joint summer training program in coordination with the Engineers Syndicate, Babylon Branch. In this program, the university is responsible for providing data of students who are qualified to undergo professional training, whereas the Engineering Syndicate is responsible for requiting them at suitable work sites or training programs in cooperation with other agencies, and evaluating the training experience in cooperation with different qualified professors at University of Babylon.

In light of this program, the summer training involves the acquisition of new skills in the industrial environment, followed by having a short-term position in state departments or private sector companies where students can apply the knowledge and skills obtained in live projects. Summer training is a way to build up valuable academic qualifications during the summer, and it serves a multitude of purposes for different students. In general, these training programs are used to bridge the gap between different phases of academic study, or to provide additional professional training and qualifications. They help students to refine their interpersonal skills, as well as their oral and written communication skills. It provides an opportunity to familiarize students with responsibility, adhering to deadlines. On the other hand, summer training contributes to the creation of job opportunities for graduates through introducing the university outputs to external parties, and it helps students obtain a work experience certificate that can be of use in their future career.


The individuals eligible to enrol in this program are the undergraduate students who are required to undergo practical training before graduation. Applications are taken into consideration based on the following criteria: a) the student should have completed the third year of study successfully and passed to fourth, b) the student should be a permanent resident at Babylon governorate, and c) the student should be scientifically qualified and interested in undergoing training under the joint supervision and coordination of the institution that provides the training, the Engineers Syndicate, and several administrative departments at the University of Babylon.

Joint Training program