About the University

The University of Babylon is a public university established in 1991. At the heart of Iraq, it is located in Babylon Governorate, on the banks of the Euphrates River. The University is named after one of the first civilizations across history: the Ancient City of Babylon. During the Akkadian era (3000 BC), the city became civilized and known as Bab-ilu, i.e. the Door of God. The Greek name Babylonia was later adopted and used in the Old Testament. The university consists of 21 colleges divided over multiple campuses, all of which are located in the city of Hilla. The central campus is located to the west of the city, on the road between Babylon and Najaf, and it is the largest complex in terms of area and number of colleges. It is followed by the complex of medical and health-related colleges, which are found near Al-Hilla Teaching Hospital. Other campuses include the Faculty of Fine Arts, which is located on Sixty Street, and the College of Management and Economic Studies near Marjan Hospital. A number of colleges have been moved to Al-Qasim district to establish Al-Qasim Green University in 2012. These include the Colleges of Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Nutritional Sciences, and Environmental Sciences.

One of the main aspects that distinguish the University of Babylon is its academic and financial independence. This implies that its decisions are based on combining the best scientific expertise on the one hand, and the factors that advance education, learning and research, on the other hand. The university’s strong determination towards excellence ensures that students obtain a scientific degree that is recognized both locally and internationally, while providing the ideal setting for professional and personal growth. The university offers more than (105) various academic programs for obtaining bachelor’s, higher diploma, master’s and PhD degrees. At the present time, the university includes approximately (32733) male and female students, whose education is provided by (2083) faculty members with diverse scientific competencies and distinguished international experiences.

Based on its international reputation, the employability capabilities of its graduates, and the productivity of scientific research, the University of Babylon continues to rise towards obtaining the highest ranks among Arab universities. According to international rankings, the University of Babylon has been ranked first several times among Iraqi universities. A study conducted by the QS International Foundation, which is specialized in educational research and publishing, indicated that the university occupies the fourth rank in the MENA region and 1001 globally.