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Every year, we receive dozens of students from outside the governorate or from distant regions, thus, universities must provide proper housing to facilitate the study process. This is the responsibility of the internal department council, which is eager to plan and deliver the ideal environment for students from various regions in our beloved state. The Directorate provides separate boarding departments for male and female students. It aims to enhance the actual status of the boarding departments by continuously developing its facilities and student housing.Students who desire to secure lodging in the University of Babylon dormitories must adhere to the following instructions.The administration of the internal department welcomes any inquiries sent to the address indicated on the homepage of the Directorate’s website

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Registration for formerly domiciled students in the internal departments

The student who was previously registered with us in our systems refers to every individual who utilized the electronic registration and processing system during the previous academic year. As for the student who has never registered with this system before, it is not addressed in the subsequent paragraphs.

Please pay particular attention to the list of requirements stated below in order to facilitate the administrative work for our personnel and to ensure that your administrative transactions are done accurately and quickly ... With appreciation.

1.A letter confirming the continuation of studies for the 2021-2022 academic year

2.A letter confirming submission to internal departments documenting the student's academic results.

3.The student must fill out the electronic form available on the websites of the internal departments (internal departments of the University of Babylon)

4.Fees for housing registration (30000 thousand dinars).

5.Two personal photos.

6.COVID-19 vaccination card with 2 dosages.

7.Presenting the student's clearance for the previous academic year 2021-2022 upon enrolment.

8.Transparent file.

For Postgraduate students, a statement outlining the student's education as private/public spending.

Enrollment for the first time in the internal departments

1.A letter supporting the continuation of study, documenting the student's academic results, the state of the student's success or failure for the 2021-2022 academic year.

2.A student-to-complete electronic form distributed on the website of the department (internal departments at Babylon University).

3.Housing registration fees (30000 thousand dinars)

4.Three personal photos.

5.COVID-19 vaccination card with two doses

6.Transparent file.

7.Copies of the student's identification documents in colour (unified card, ration card, housing card, or the four identification documents).

8.A guarantor for bail proceedings, with the guarantor present (if an employee is an employee, he must bring a letter from his department, supporting the continuation of his service, along with an identification card, and if he is retired, he must bring the retirement identity).

Postgraduate students, a statement outlining the student's education as a private/public spending.

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