Scientific promotions

Scientific promotions stand as bedrock pillars propelling the advancement of Iraqi universities at large, with Babylon University carving its own niche. They epitomize the quintessential essence of topmost priority on the university's agenda, significantly fueling the continuous scientific progression and esteemed stature in various distinguished global rankings. The precision of the guiding principles for scientific promotions has acted as a potent catalyst, driving faculty members and researchers to enhance their research activities, encompassing publications, books, patents, and participation in scholarly conferences, all aimed at meeting the requisite standards. This, in turn, has led to an upsurge in publications within reputable scientific databases and esteemed journals.

The Central Promotions Committee and its subsidiary panels are distinguished by their seriousness and diligent efforts in promoting deserving professors. Leveraging information technology and modern communication tools, they streamline the process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in their endeavors.