Student Representation Council

The Student Representative Council strives to improve the quality of student life for the entire student body. Annually elected by their peers, the representatives act as an advocate for the student body and take charge of the student events and activities. The representatives also plan and organise a range of social and cultural activities. The representatives are the voice of the students and represents all students’ views on academic and experience-related issues to the University. This not only gives students the forum to voice their views, but also gives the University valuable feedback when planning for the future. The role of the student representative is to seek the provision of suitable conditions for the students so that they graduate from the university equipped with a sufficient share of knowledge in their specialization. They strive to ensure that the students continue their scientific and professional career with merit. Therefore, the student representatives aim to ensure that the educational processes are run smoothly, and that all essential requirements are provided for a decent students’ life on campus. Their role extends to taking part in the organization and planning of cultural, scientific, recreational and sport activities at the University, as is the case with cultural, scientific and sports clubs. These extra-curricular activities are parallel to the educational activities conducted at the university, and therefore they are supervised by the university. In light of the aforementioned aspects, the role of the university, represented by its college deanships, is supervising the following activities:

The annual elections of student representatives and student clubs.

Student activities held by student clubs such as exhibitions, festivals, celebrations, and reviving religious, national and social events.

The follow-up of students' academic issues at the college, providing help to students throughout the registration process, and guiding them in all aspects related to their university and social life.