Medical Services

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of health services to all students of the University of Babylon. Our medical staff teams strive to provide comprehensive and valuable health services and are committed to delivering educational and awareness programs on health care to our students in accordance with the best international standards.

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The Medical Services

Health treatment: All students and citizens (whether domestic or foreign) receive health treatment free of charge, and they are not required to have a health insurance.

First aid: The medical staff in the health clinics of the University of Babylon provides first aid to university students at the university campus and dormitories. They also cover a variety of health-related activities. In case of emergency, students are further referred to the emergency department at one of the local public or private hospitals in Babil.

Basic health care: Students are provided the necessary medical care under the supervision of a complete health team.

Medical referrals: Medical cases that require a specialist examination are immediately referred to one of the local public or private hospitals.

Scheduling an appointment: Students can book a medical appointment via email or by calling the Health Centre Clinics on the main campus.

University Health Centre

It is a sub-centre affiliated with the Babil Health Department / Al-Hilla Sector for Primary Health Care. The health centre provides curative and preventive services (emergency and primary) for students and affiliates of the University of Babylon. Medical cases which require hospitalization or special treatment are further referred to public or private hospitals and specialized centres. There is also an ambulance available during the official office hours. The centre consists of a several units: the pharmacy unit, the laboratory unit, the treating physician unit, the dental unit, the wound dressing unit, the medical continuing education unit, and the administration unit. The health centre team at the University of Babylon consists of two practicing physicians, three dentists, one pharmacist, one pharmacy assistant, and four medical assistants, along with an integrated administrative staff. The health centre is located at the main campus, between the College of Engineer and the College of Education for Human Sciences.