Campus life

With regards to the student's academic life at the University of Babylon, our attention is mainly focused on the following aspects:

Student Clubs

The University of Babylon provides a wide range of extra-curricular activities that enable you to share your personal interests outside the classroom. The student clubs on campus are great places to meet other students, and they provide you the opportunity to build your social, professional and leadership skills, thus giving you a competitive advantage in your future endeavours.

Health and Sports

Whether you are looking to exercise and keep fit during work hours or participate in sports teams, the University of Babylon provides basketball courts, football fields, and many other sports activities in collaboration with the Student Activities Department and the College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences.

Student Activities

The Student Activities Department is dedicated to supporting student success outside the classroom and working collaboratively with academic affairs to integrate curricular and co-curricular experiences in a holistic approach to student life, helping them to excel in all fields. Our main goal is to provide students with valuable experiences in building teamwork, planning events, and enhancing their social capabilities, leadership and organizational skills. We provide resources, support and training, and organize a set of programs and extra-curricular activities that enhance the development of students’ academic experience at the university. The activities are in line with the students’ interests and cover the following areas: leadership and student councils, cultural and heritage-related activities, arts and musical activities, dormitory unit activities, and sports events. The University of Babylon also provides a variety of events and occasions including poetry festivals, book fairs, and annual bazaars for selling of handcrafted collectibles crafted by university students throughout the year.

Residential life

Living on campus and integrating into its community can be one of the most enriching experiences of academic life. In the halls of residence, students can communicate with their peers, participate in leadership and personal development opportunities, as well as many other interactive activities on campus. What distinguishes life on the campus is the keenness of the workers at the Department of Residential Life at the University of Babylon to include the students residing on the campus and create a comfortable, encouraging and enjoyable atmosphere, making it a suitable place to support students who live far from their families. The University of Babylon provides dormitories for accommodation and housing within a group of buildings distributed over the city of Hilla, the centre of the province of Babylon. For more information, click here.

Restaurants and Shops

On the university campus, you can choose to enjoy a cup of coffee or have lunch in a variety of fast-food restaurants and cafes located throughout the campus, the largest of which is the Central Student Canteen.