About Women Empowerment

Based on the international tendencies towards achieving gender equality in educational institutions, and in line with the fifth goal of the UN Sustainable Development Programme 2015-2030 (Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls), the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research initiated the establishment of a women empowerment unit at all Iraqi universities. These units are directly connected to Women Empowerment Department at the MoHESR itself, which in turn is linked to the Department of Women Empowerment at the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. Administratively, the unit is linked to the University Chancellor’s office within the structure of the Ministry and its affiliated formations. The unit has a unified vision to enhance the role of women in management and leadership, to stand against all forms of discrimination, and to formulate public policies that guarantee equal opportunities for both genders at all levels. This form of gender equality starts at providing equal admission opportunities in all academic programs, and the equal assignment of tasks to faculty members of both genders, moving towards achieving gender equality between male and female employees in the occupation of middle and senior administrative and leadership positions.

women empowrment

The systems of the Republic of Iraq, which are derived from Islamic Sharia, adopt the principle of complementary equality between men and women, taking into account the characteristics of both genders, so as to achieve justice. It includes absolute equality between men and women, such as the right to work, the access to education and health care, and other economic rights. With an emphasis on equality, the Human Rights Commission allows both women and men the right to report any issues or violations according to the requirements via the following link (click here).

The Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has developed a plan to enhance women’s participation in economic development, such as setting a single retirement age for both genders, preventing gender discrimination in terms of wages, job type, expertise, and working hours, as well as enabling women to engage in administrative work without obtaining prior approval. In order to combat discrimination in the framework of work, the labour system established a number of rights and duties that are equally applied to men and women, such as equal pay in case of equal value and quality of work, full equality in subsidy for searching for work, and equal opportunities and access to training programs. Individuals, organizations, institutions, and others have the right to file a report or complaint in terms of violation of labour laws in relation to equal pay.

Accordingly, the University of Babylon guarantees to all citizens the right to access education free of charge without any discrimination. We believe in the importance of the role of education in achieving sustainable development and realizing human rights. The University policies stipulated the necessity of “the state providing public education.” The public policy for education emphasizes free education in all its forms and stages, as well as linking education at all stages to the state's general development plan, which aims to achieve a sound and integrated partnership between men and women. The educational system in Iraq is basically based on equality between men and women in all its aspects, whether this is with regard to the mechanisms of admission and enrolment in school stages, curricula and assessment, the qualifications of professors and lecturers, or in terms of the quality of facilities and study equipment. Women are given more interest in this aspect, such as positive discrimination, especially with the continuation of the establishment of a number of colleges and departments for girls, such as the College of Science for Women at the University of Babylon and the distinction for women studying for a diploma in this college in accordance with the regulations of the Research and Development Department in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The existing programs depend on providing educational and training opportunities equally for both genders, and in accordance with the same statutory requirements related to admission procedures. The percentage of scholarships provided for females has increased significantly, both in relation to the Scholarships Department’s program for external scholarships, or in relation to postgraduate studies inside Iraq.

The Women Empowerment Unit at the University Chancellery, and under direct supervision of the University Chancellor, ensures the implementation of the aforementioned policies at the university, whether for female employees or students. The unit also undertakes many activities in this regard. For more information, pleaseclick here.