The Chancellor’s Message

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

It is a great pleasure to welcome you into this great scientific edifice, the leading university in terms of knowledge partnership in Iraq. I will therefore start off by saying: Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

As we undertake our responsibility in this generous university, we are determined to obtain the first place and focus on the quality of education, scientific research, and entrepreneurship. An essential aspect that we are eager for is guiding our graduates to become the nation’s future leaders and pioneers through intensive skill development and continuous learning. Our university also aspires to spread and enhance knowledge and expertise in various scientific and literary fields so as to keep pace with leading universities in developed countries. Major works are conducted to contribute to different discoveries and inventions, among which is the revival of human and Islamic civilization of Babylon. Today, our university is putting huge efforts into advancing the educational and research process more than ever. This implies that the implementation of policies asserted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MoHESR) are a must, which are part of the governmental program announced by His Excellency the Minister of HESR.

The role of the University of Babylon is not limited to providing the community with graduates, but rather to adopting knowledge as a basic axis in the education process and adopting basic concepts in the quality of education, such as: knowledge acquisition, production and transfer, as well as promoting a culture of innovation and creativity, these are the main pillars that We will adopt it in the leadership of the university in cooperation with everyone; In order to form a new generation capable of working in building the knowledge base, the goal of which is innovation and modernization that leads to the renaissance of Iraq. Based on the foregoing, the University of Babylon has paid great attention to providing fertile ground for innovation and creativity, by focusing on quality education systems, working on building the university's creative and innovative capacity, and adopting an integrated set of educational policies that would stimulate innovation for students, researchers and teachers.

The University of Babylon was initially founded in 1991 and now includes twenty-one colleges. The academic disciplines provided at our university include the fields of medical and health-related sciences, engineering and information technology, natural sciences, and humanities. In addition, there are a number of specialized centers, including eight scientific research centres, engineering consultancy offices, and dental clinics that provide medical services to citizens. Since 2007, the University of Babylon has started the application of total quality management, and it is the first Iraqi university to adopt this system according to a specific time schedule in six stages.

We are fully committed to enhancing the role of the university in terms of knowledge production and skill development so as to serve the community, and eventually consolidate a culture of innovation within the institutional work environment. By continuous student training and the spread of volunteering and extracurricular work, major contributions are made to the decision-making and advancement in scientific research. This is realized through the establishment of specialized research centres that are open to society, thereby emphasizing the role of national, institutional and service partnerships, and prioritizing the significance of academic advice. For the University of Babylon to be an incubator of creativity and progress, we have invested in legal clinics, cultural and artistic festivals, excavation, and archaeological research sites. We highly promote various ethics and values, heritage, and cultural diversity in order to excel on a national, intellectual, scientific, and religious level. To round up, I would like to congratulate the province of Babylon, the state that wrote the first scripts and legitimized the initial laws of civilization, for embracing this scientific edifice represented by the University of Babylon.

Prof. Qahtan Hadi Hussein