The Structure of The Department

Organizational Structure of the Department of Registration and Student Affairs Management of student affairs is essential in higher education institutions all over the world. The University of Babylon's Department of Student Affairs strives to enhance students' educational experiences by supporting the institution's mission to provide high-quality educational programs that result in the development of a distinguished student population that is well-versed in science and thought. It also emphasizes the contribution of gifted students to academic advancement and social brilliance.

The Department of Certification

It is the department concerned with following up the affairs of graduate students in terms of the possibility of their appointment or the completion of their higher studies. This department works on developing the database work system and making adjustments to the university's statistics for graduate students in addition to students accepted in morning and evening studies and visiting students,

The Dep. consists of

-Reproduction unit.

-Alumni unit.

-Database Unit.

Department of Alumni and Certificates

The study document is one of the things required in any transaction related to studying outside Iraq or studying inside Iraq. This section is dedicated to receiving documents and certificates from colleges. For the purpose of stamping it and handing it over to the students.

The Dep. consists of:

-Unit of Certificate of Mural.

-Unit of Documental Stamp.

Department of Registration and Admission

The Department is concerned with everything related to student affairs such as acceptance, registration, transfer, visitors, and modification of nomination, and addressing issues of correcting students’ names and rates, in addition to preparing official books to and from the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research.

Department consists of:

-printing unit.

-Electronic Management Unit.

-Archive Unit.

Department of Student Affairs

This Department is concerned with issuing books about the authenticity of Certifications for students of Babylon University, for the purpose of supporting the validity of data and communicating with the concerned authorities, in addition to following up on the university's mail, for the purpose of addressing the institutions.

The Dep. consists of:

-Authenticity of Certificates Unit.

-printing unit.