The Admissions of Undergraduate

A student admitted to universities and institutes must be an Iraqi citizen, pass the medical exam, have completed secondary school, and be ineligible for central admission; admission is based on minimum scores for admission to the year of graduation, not be older than 24 at the time of application, and study full-time; combined study and work is not permitted. He must request study leave from his department if he's an employee.

The graduates of vocational schools (morning and evening) are also accepted by colleges.

For the first 5% of the graduates of vocational schools (both morning and evening) in all disciplines throughout Iraq, admission to colleges corresponding to their competencies shall be by central admission

This also applies to the first 10 % of Institute graduates. Admission to colleges in accordance with their competencies shall be by central admission.

Condition of Admission

The student is accepted based on the 50 selections made on the application form, provided that no more than 35 colleges and no fewer than 15 institutes are selected.Students with averages below 60% are permitted to list up to 50 institutes on the application form, provided that they are all institutes.Five points are deducted for each lesson for the students who passed in the second round and for those who improved their average. However, this deduction cannot exceed 15 points.

Transferring between colleges according to higher and lower requirements

First student-with Grade A- in first-year undergraduate studies in Biology, Chemistry, Pathological analyses, Biotechnology, Applied Chemistry, and Veterinary medicine can transfer to dentistry or pharmacy. First student-with Grade A- in first-year undergraduate studies in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Applied Physics, Earth Sciences, Computers, Astronomy, and Meteorology in the science faculties and applied sciences and Computer Sciences departments at the university can transfer to engineering faculties and departments.

Submission Certifications

-Students must have a preparatory certificate certified by the Directorate General of Education.

-(Iraqi Nationapty Certificate/Civil Status ID/Ration Card/Residence Card) color copy.

-Three recent personal photos.

-Medical Check Form.

-Guarantee letter in accordance with the form prepared by the Faculty's Legal Division, submitting the required documents, The guarantor's identity, a letter confirming service continuity if the guarantor is an employee, and confirmation of retirement if the guarantor is retired. Ensure the presence of the guarantor at the Legal Division.