Registration and Student Affairs:

The Department of Registration is one of the most important departments at the University of Babylon, and it is responsible for dealing with all issues related to students while they are still university students as well as issues that may arise after graduation in connection with their studies. The department represents the link between the student, the university, colleges and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on the one hand, in addition to the fact that the department is responsible for implementing the instructions and directives of the Ministry of Higher Education, as well as managing and directing all matters related to student issues. Below we list several vital electronic services of the department.

E- Registration Services:

The Admission Department is responsible for the general admission to study at the university. The department provides an electronic system for the electronic registration of primary studies students, which allows each student who has been accepted at the University of Babylon through the central admissions issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to register and join the university within the study programs for admission to morning and evening studies.

Student Support Center:

This site provides a technical and electronic support center as a guide for students and aims to help Babylon University students in finding administrative information that helps them expedite their administrative transactions related to joining the university.The electronic center contains instructions for admission and registration, as well as information to describe the geographical locations within the university and related departments that the student needs to know. For more information click here