The Quality Assurance and University Performance Section is composed of the following administrative divisions::

1- the Quality Assurance Division.

2- Performance Appraisal Division.

3- Training and Technical Support Division.

Tasks Division of the Training and Technical Support:

1. It promoted quality in universities, colleges, and sections.

2. Train quality employees.

3. Providing comprehensive technical support to the Quality Assurance Section and university performance, including computers, networks, and a university database.

4. Providing issues about quality, such as quality conferences and workshops.

5. 5. Responding to Any additional duties assigned by the Quality Assurance Section and Rector's Office.

Tasks of the Division Quality Assurance

1- Follow-up and implementation of the University's quality assurance strategies, which enhance the educational process .

2-Spreading a quality culture among academics, students, and other university personnel about the need of quality assurance and academic certification, and consolidating knowledge on these methods.

3-Implementing quality assurance and accrediting requirements with periodic oversight and follow-up.

4- Educational process quality monitoring comprising (university student - university infrastructure - curriculum - faculty member - academic research).

5-Providing assistance, advice, and direction to university colleges that haven't met quality assurance criteria.

6- Providing Periodic reports on the Division's work for the Providing University's Quality Assurance and Accreditation Section..

7- Providing annual self-assessments of colleges. .

8- Providing College self-assessment numbers and College database.

9- Responding to any other responsibilities allocated by the Quality Assurance Section of the University Presidency to improve future educational quality.

Task Tasks of Division the Performance Evaluation

1- Advising the University and its colleges on performance appraisal and quality assurance methods.

2- Evaluate the university's and its colleges' performance to evaluate the level of quality of performance..

3-Creation of a database containing all university and college activities..

4-Assisting university colleges in improving their performance through underperformance evaluation . .

5- Conducting field research and making recommendations to connect educational output with labor market needs.

6- Ensuring that colleges' goals are realized by reviewing their programs and outcomes using a variety of approaches.

7- Creating periodic Division activity reports for the Quality Assurance.

8- Following up on the University's self-evaluation of its operations, mandates, programs, and execution. .

9- Compile and analyze the positive and negative findings of self-assessment studies, and make recommendations for improvement.

10-Responding to other responsibilities delegated to the Division by Quality Assurance at the University .