Department Head Speech

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

The University of Babylon / Quality Assurance and University Performance Section aims to improve the educational process by adopting domestic, Arab, or global standards for its sections, research centers, and colleges to examine current realities, diagnose strengths, invest opportunities, capitalize on existing risks, and build a comprehensive strategy to advance our university's educational reality . Complete dedication to quality assurance standards and updating curricula from conventional curricula to modern curricula that provide students a crucial and advantageous role in the educational process instilling noble values such as a sense of pride and belonging in one's country, intellectual openness to and acceptance of opposing viewpoints , dedication to one's work, honesty, academic freedom, integrity, anti-corruption, justice, equality, equal opportunities, teamwork, and responsibility in carrying out the most important tasks in our educational institution.

Producing scientific research that derives its plans from the labor market and working to deploy them to global scientific research engines as Scopus and Thomson Reuter.Service to society is a top priority through constructive cooperation with educational institutions, employment agencies, productive companies, and civil society organizations to provide decent jobs for our graduates and contribute to community development through training courses, workshops, symposiums.

Dr. Abbas Fadel Hassoun

Head of Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance