Research Planning

The research plan can be defined as a detailed description of a proposed study, and it includes a literature review that justifies the study, a hypothesis, description of the steps to be followed throughout the study, and information about the analysis of the collected data. The plan provides a guide for conducting the study, which ought to be finalized with a scientific output such as a participation in a conference, a publication in research journals, or the organization of workshops and seminars. These academic activities contribute to the achievement of the essential strategy objectives at the University of Babylon. The research plan can thus be seen as a prior model that outlines the steps and stages to which researchers are committed during their work. Through the arrangement of work priorities, the scientific research plan helps researchers to complete their work in an orderly and accurate manner within the specified timespan. It can therefore be stated that ignoring the development of research plans constitutes a major defect which has a negative impact on the scientific valuation of the academic institution. Adherence to all standards of the research plan is essential to distinguish academic scientific work, which requires researchers to invest much effort in its professional designing and is eventually reflected onto the university’s continuous development in the field of scientific research.

All university departments are required to prepare an integrated and comprehensive scientific research plan, with the aim of achieving coherence among its various elements. It is necessary that the department research plan states the mechanisms to be adopted in the collection of materials such as published research and reports of scientific participation. One of the most important criteria for preparing the research plan is to focus on the logical, correct and accurate arrangement of all plan elements. The plan is considered to be comprehensive and successful whenever the questions and hypotheses of the scientific study are relevant to the researcher’s academic interests. The process of academic documentation of all citations is obligatory in all stages of scientific research, especially at the stage of preparing the research plan. Both the department and the researchers should first create an orientation of the different research plans used in their scientific specialization before preparing and writing their own scientific research plan.

Research Plan System