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The University of Babylon is founded in 25/4/1991 and it is situated in the south of Baghdad the capital of Iraq. Now, the university has 19 colleges and a number of scientific and consultancy units. The number of students attended the university is 23 thousands students for both evening and morning studies.

Official Announcements


  • Number of teachers: 1968
  • Number of students: 25000
  • Number of Colleges: 19
  • Number of employees: 2945
  • Number of Graduates: 58023

Presidency of the University of Babylon

This destination contains the site of the President of the University and all departments and divisions affiliated with him biography His self-service is in addition to the Assistant Scientific Assistant and the Department of Assistant Administrative Assistant with All sections associated with it.

Media Updates

The Media Center of the University follows all the news related to the University's departments by updating Annie of all sub-news sites.

The means of communication under the chairmanship of the University


The achievements of the University of Babylon

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After continuous work and research published in international journals and according to the scopes database Babil University was ranked first in the Semaco category.


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University of Babylon gets first place for the fourth time for 2016 - 2017 on Iraq.


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The University of Babylon is the second time to gain first place in the rankings 4icu ..


QS World University Rankings

The University of Babylon occupies the last ranking of the Arab region, ranked 23rd of 2018 and has entered the rankings International Center 801 out of 1000 universities for the year 2019

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