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List of the electronic media centers for the departments of the University of Babylon

The University of Babylon owns a large network of websites, representing its departments and centers, which they care to define all of the activities of the university and post media updates in the form of news and electronic bulletin to make our visitors fully informed of everything that is going on inside the corridors of the university just as scientific and cultural activities, studies and researches, the list below will help you finding the electronic media centers :

Media Center for the presidency of the University of Babylon

Media Center for the Colleges of the University of Babylon within the network

Media Center for Babylon cultural and historical Studies Centre

Media Center for Continuing Education and Skills Development Center

Media Center for Environmental Research Center at the University of Babylon

Media Center for Sustainability and Green Technology

Media Center for Quality Assurance and University Performance Department

Media Center for the institutional coherence project

Video Library +

Babylon University News
Reports of the video Library includes visible video clips to cover news of the University of Babylon prepared by a special media group section related to Media and Public Relations