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University of Babylon Holds Workshop Featured with Commission of Integrity

Published Date : 24/02/2019
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Edited By : University of Babylon

The University of Babylon, in cooperation with the Commission of Integrity/Investigations Department in the Governorate, organized three workshops aiming at publicizing the Integrity Commission Act and the Rules of Professional Conduct, in the presence of Chancellor Prof. Dr. Adil al-Baghdadi, and vice Chancellor for administrative affairs Prof. Dr. Ahmed al-Hussaini, Deans of colleges, associate Deans and university staff.  

Workshop participants called for, inter alia: the adoption of solid scientific studies and continuous careful planning; the mutual efforts of all sides in promoting integrity and anti-corruption; the involvement of academic and educational institutions in promoting such values through various activities and the extension of bridges with the university with its various scientific disciplines, as well as the promulgation of new legislation to fully deter cases of corruption and abuse of public funds, with the need to harmonize such legislation with the changes and developments that the country is undergoing.

The workshops resulted in several recommendations, including activating the role of censorship through the investigative press and the audiovisual media; emphasizing the joint cooperation between the commission and the Ministry of Education by means of creating awareness-raising curricula capable of promoting the desired objectives for the initial stages of study, and to establish training courses and workshops functioning in harmony.