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University of Babylon Receives GLP Ministerial Auditing Committee

Published Date : 24/02/2019
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The University of Babylon received a special ministerial committee of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to assess the quality of educational laboratories according to the standards of the good laboratory GLP depending on the ministerial form prepared for the classification of quality in faculties, departments and research centers at the university. 

The Ministerial Committee held several meetings, in the presence of the Director of Quality Assurance Department, Dr. Abbas Fadhil Hassoun, and the representatives of the laboratory accreditation units at all faculties, where evaluation mechanisms and some important observations concerning this mechanism were discussed.

 The visit of the Ministerial Committee is to identify the hard work of the laboratory and overcome possible obstacles and to devise appropriate solutions and ways to meet the requirements of the good educational laboratory and with a working structure that meets the needs of students so that  they could  acquire the necessary skills in the field of his work.

It is also worth noting that the Ministerial committee composed of Dr. Abdul Khaliq Fawzi, University of Technology; Dr. Mokhtar Mohammed Hasan, University of Baghdad; Dr. Hussain Mohammed, University of Kufa; Dr. Ziad Nabil Najm, the University of Karbala, and assistant lecturer Dhurgham Abdul Jalil Rasoul, the University of Furat al-Awsat visited the university from the 10th to 12th  of February to check the ministerial form data according to the standards of good laboratory practice GLP.