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University of Babylon Professor Receives Patent of Scientific Innovation along with Two Professors

Published Date : 13/02/2019
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Edited By : University of Babylon

Prof. Dr. Dakhil Nasser Taha al-Zarkani, Faculty of Science, obtained a joint patent with the teaching staff members of the Middle Euphrates Technical University, Dr. Ahmed Adnan Abdul Amir, and of the Faculty of Science, Kufa University, Dr. Muthanna Saleh, thanks to the design of micro-flow system to estimate toxic (hydrazine) and medicinal compounds.

Dr. al-Zarkani stated that the patent included the design and manufacture of micro flow injection system (CFIA) with very precise internal diameters characterized by taking small volumes of hydrazine and its pharmaceutical compounds in order to indicate their estimation and measurement.

It is worth noting that Dr.  al-Zarkani is an outstanding scientist of analytical chemistry in Iraq and a first class researcher, specializing in microinjection analysis. He has received the shield of scientific creativity from the Ministry of the Environment for his significant contributions to ecological research, as well as the publication of many of his research around the world. Hence, he was classified by the American Foundation (FIA) in the Encyclopedia of the Foundation for Middle Eastern scientists in the field. He also won the award of First Professor of the University of Babylon granted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in scientific disciplines.