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University of Babylon Rector Discusses Courses System for University Faculties of Medicine

Published Date : 11/02/2019
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The chancellor of the University of Babylon, Prof. Adil Hadi al-Baghdadi has discussed the system of courses in both the Faculty of Medicine of Babylon and of Hammurabi in the presence of deans and members of each Faculty Council. The meeting addressed the book of the secretariat of the University Council, which includes the application of the system of courses starting from the 2019-2020 academic year in the light of the ministerial instructions on the said system.

The director of the Medical Education Unit has summed up the work of the Medical Education unit after the first semester (computers, medical ethics, medical physics, fundamentals of medicine). The meeting also included the presentation of some obstacles and the creation of appropriate solutions; the review of the positive aspects of each module; the report of the absence system; the presentation of the end of the semester report S1 as well as the review of workshops organized by the Medical Education unit. The chancellor did draw attention to the need to apply the positive aspects that had been used in the workshops and conferences of medical education in the system of courses and vitally importance to work in the spirit of the one team for the purpose of successful implementation of this system.