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University of Babylon Prepare to Hold Third International Conference of Science and Arts

Published Date : 11/02/2019
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The Center of Environmental Research and Studies, the Babylon Center of Civilizational and Historical studies, and the Center of DNA Research at the University of Babylon, in collaboration with the University of Liverpool John Morris, are preparing to set up the Third International Conference of Science and Arts under the slogan (Towards a sober scientific research) for the next 24 – 25 April. The Conference has three main themes: environmental sciences, biotechnology and DNA, and human and historical studies.


The Organizing Committee of the Conference explained that the deadline for the receipt of research abstracts on 15/3/2019 and the deadline for the receipt of research on 30/3/2019. Hence, solid research will be published on the Scopus portal of the University of Liverpool; meanwhile, the research related to Environment and biotechnology hubs will be published on Mesoptamia Environmental magazine. Historical and humanitarian research to be published in the Journal of Babylon Center of civilizational and Historical studies.


Below are the means of communication prescribed for the event, for environmental Research and for research on biotechnology, DNA and for humanitarian and historical research.