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Faculty of Basic Education to Reduce Bluffing in Examinations by Launching Hashtag #يرانا

Published Date : 11/02/2019
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Edited By : University of Babylon

The educational and psychological counseling unit at the Faculty of Basic Education launched a campaign - a  wareness-raising campaign aiming at reducing the negative phenomena practised by some students, especially the phenomenon of bluffing in future exams leading to job fraud.

The Dean of the faculty Dr. Mohammed Al-Rubayie explained that the establishment of this campaign comes to promote the values of trust and honesty of a society that understands the concept of self-monitoring, and to promote decent creation by shunning bluffing in exams. The unit has also launched awareness banners with the slogan displayed in the college center , the digital screens and in the corridors of the scientific departments and classrooms, to constantly remind others that God sees us. Furthermore, the unit  equipped a paper pledge model signed by the students as a charter of Honor committed to them during their academic life, to be Ambassadors of the scientific trust based on the principle of success with merit and honour.