A student at the University of Babylon achieves an advanced rank in the Third Scientific Olympiad

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Date: 2024/04/08

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Student Alaa Abdul Kareem Hassan, from the College of Basic Education at the University of Babylon, achieved a score of 82.761 in the Scientific Olympiad held at the University of Basra, excelling in the fields of medicine, pure sciences, and applied sciences. The university president, Professor Dr. Qahtan Hadi Al-Jubouri, congratulated this academic achievement, which adds to the record of scientific, intellectual, cultural, and artistic accomplishments of the students. The Dean of the College, Professor Dr. Ali Abdul Fattah Al-Haj Farhood, expressed his appreciation for nurturing and supporting these talents to serve science and the nation, emphasizing the importance of fostering a spirit of creativity and innovation. Professor Dr. Ahmed Kazem Al-Khafaji, Director of the Student Activities Department, highlighted the university s success in achieving advanced results in the Olympic World, affirming its excellence and receiving distinguished awards in scientific competitions. In a related context, student Fatima Abbas Farhood from the College of Science obtained a score of 76.652, qualifying her for the second stage of the Olympic competitions, reflecting the university s commitment to supporting talents and creativity in various scientific and cultural fields.

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