The University of Babylon cooperates with the British Council to grant the international IELTS certificate

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Date: 2023/11/30

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The University of Babylon has partnered with the British Council to offer the IELTS certification, further enhancing its academic offerings. This collaboration will enable students from across Iraq to fulfill the requirements for postgraduate studies in fields such as medicine, engineering, and science. The university s TOEFL center, under the management of Dr. Qasim Aabis Daeim Al-Azzawi, is among six Iraqi universities with a specialized IELTS testing center, poised to commence operations this year. The center is also authorized to conduct Pearson and PTE tests, in addition to holding official endorsements from American and British institutions for various international assessments, including GED. This initiative not only facilitates English language proficiency assessments for postgraduate applicants within Iraq but also underscores the university s commitment to academic excellence and global standards.

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