Collaboration in research between the Babylon Center and German research institutions

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Date: 2023/11/15

More: 2023/12/10

The Babylon Center for Cultural and Historical Studies welcomed a distinguished German delegation, led by Ms. Yoska, a professor of arts and heritage at a renowned German university. The purpose of their visit was to explore the prospects of collaborative endeavors. Dr. Al-Sultani eloquently explained the center s work dynamics, focusing on manuscripts, research, and the seamless communication between Babel Center and local as well as international research institutions.
The visit also included an enchanting exploration of the center s museum, where Assistant Professor Ali Abdul-Hamza showcased a treasure trove of ancient artifacts. Dr. Yoska expressed great admiration for the center s accomplishments and its invaluable collections, conveying a readiness for fruitful research collaborations and academic exchanges between Babel Center and German research institutions.

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