Changing the name of the Department of Energy Engineering at the College of Engineering/Al-Musayyab

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Date: 2023/10/29

More: 2023/12/10

The University of Babylon has decided to change the name of the Energy Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering in Al-Musayyib to the "Energy and Renewable Energies Engineering Department" starting from the current academic year 2023-2024. The decision is based on a ministerial order by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Department of Studies, Planning. The Faculty will coordinate with the university administration to process the documents of previous graduates according to the applicable instructions and regulations. The department aims to prepare specialized engineering personnel for the design, implementation, operation, maintenance, and development of facilities that use renewable energy sources such as solar, hydro, wind, hydrogen, and biomass energies, in addition to nuclear energy facilities and traditional power generation stations.
It s worth noting that the Energy Engineering Department, led by Dr. Ali Sabri Alu, in the Faculty of Engineering in Al-Musayyib since the academic year 2014-2015, provides opportunities for its graduates to work in traditional power generation stations, oil refineries, power generation stations that use renewable energies like solar, wind, hydrogen, hydro, biomass, as well as power generation stations that use nuclear energy. Moreover, the graduates can contribute to the satellite industry, which relies on solar energy as a source of electrical power, and to the industrial and tourism sectors that depend on small power to generate electrical energy.

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