The Times World Topic Rankings 2024

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Date: 2023/10/26

More: 2023/12/10

Thirteen Iraqi universities achieved competitive results in the Times Rankings for the new edition in 2024. The ranking results are shown in the link below

that the universities of Baghdad, Babylon, Kufa, Mosul, and Mustansiriya secured important positions in the field of Clinical and Health Sciences. Additionally, Anbar, Mosul, Baghdad, Basra, Kufa, Mustansiriya, and Babylon universities achieved positive rankings in the field of Life Sciences. In the field of Engineering, universities such as Nahrain, Qadisiyah, Anbar, Babylon , Diyala, Baghdad, Basra, Karbala, the University of Technology, Central Technical University, Mosul, and Mustansiriya achieved significant positions.
The universities of Qadisiyah, Babylon , the University of Technology, Nahrain, Diyala, Anbar, Baghdad, Basra, Karbala, Kufa, Mosul, and Mustansiriya gained competitive rankings in the Physical Sciences category, while Nahrain, Anbar, Babil, Baghdad, Kufa, Central Technical University, Mosul, the University of Technology, Basra, and Mustansiriya received notable positions in Computer Science.
It is worth noting that Iraq achieved the 37th position globally in the Times University Rankings for 2024. This accomplishment was a result of the competitive presence and performance of Iraqi universities in the rankings, which involved 2024 universities from 108 countries worldwide, based on evaluation criteria related to teaching, research environment, research quality, international outlook, and industry income.

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