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Faculty of Dentistry Holds Workshop on Narcotics Addiction and Trafficking

Published Date : 09/01/2019
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The College of Dentistry established an anti-narcotic workshop, attended by a number of professors, Dr. Saad Sukkar Shubber as a representative of Babil Health Department and the director of the narcotics and narghile control department.

Dr. Kareem Nasir Hussain teaching at Hammurabi Faculty of Medicine stated the types of drugs and the ways to extract them alongside their main sources, as well as how to identify people who are used to having them.

Dr. Hawra’a Ahmed Shakir teaching at the Faculty of Dentistry indicated the most important laws that are at the heart of this topic, and the most recent amendments to these laws, whether they relate to such drugs’ addicts, promoters or dealers.

Major Ahmed Abdul Hadi addressed the achievements of the security forces in Babil province to combat drugs, appealing to the attendees to be cautious and to inform the agencies about any suspects.