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Faculty of Law Holds Symposium

Published Date : 09/01/2019
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The Faculty of Law held a symposium on the (Penal protection of public health in Iraqi legislation), sponsored by the chancellor Prof. Dr. Adil Hadi al-Baghdadi, with the supervision of the Dean of the college Dr. Firas Karim Shai’an, and the attendance of professors and students of the college.

The symposium included three axes: the first tagged as (Protection of animal health as part of public health) was delivered by Dr. Ismail Ni’amah Aboud; the second one reviewed (Protection of public health in the Iraqi Penal Code) presented by Dr. Mona Abdul A’ali while the third axis touched on the authority of the administration in the protection of public health and was delivered by Assistant lecturer Ameen Raheem.

The purpose of the symposium was to define the concept of public health; to outline the position of the Penal Code on the protection of public health and the role of the administration in protecting it; to describe the protection of animal health as part of public health; to clarify the most important administrative sanctions and salutary measures as well as the strategic objectives to improve public health.