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Faculty of Fine Arts Prepares for First National Academic Theater Festival

Published Date : 03/01/2019
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The College of Fine Arts at the University of Babylon is ready to launch the first National Academic Theater Festival - the artist s platform, Dr. Salah al-Qasab - whose inaugural concert will be held at the theatrical hall in the college and will last three consecutive days starting with 7/1/2019.

The festival s director, Dr. Amir Sabah al-Marzooq, head of the theater arts department, pointed out that this first version of the festival was named after the prestigious academic stature Dr. Salah al-Qasab, acknowledging his great role in the Iraqi and the Arabian academic theater. The festival will witness the participation of 

 Universities of Baghdad, Mosul, Basra, Qadisiyah, Al-Hilla, as well as the University of Babylon, to be honoring an elite of creators: Dr. Tariq al-Authari (University of Mosul), Dr. Bassim al-A’asam (University of Qadisiyah), Dr. Mohammed Hussain Habib (University of Babylon) and Dr. Mohammed Ismail al-Taie (University of Mosul).

Also, the festival will be accompanied by a series of artistic and cultural functions, including: A research theme titled (The Academic Theater between The Curriculum and The Workshop) involving a selection of Iraqi academics, and review sessions following theatrical performances, exhibitions of theatrical books as well as workshops for acting, makeup and costumes.