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University of Babylon 2018: Exeptional Year of Achievements Locally and Globally

Published Date : 03/01/2019
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Edited By : University of Babylon

During the year 2018, the University of Babylon witnessed a number of scientific achievements disseminated among its scientific and human  faculties, departments and research centers as it has been striving to improve the scientific and research reality, stressing the interest in community service through activating the principle of: the university is at the disposal of the community). 

Proudly, the year 2018 saw the independence of the university following its ability to create the scientific and administrative circumstances required to achieve this independence with its articulated ramifications, and thus to be granted the broad powers in the decision-making process and accepting students at the level of elementary and higher studies, as well as enjoying the great freedom in the process of updating curricula; the conclusion of memoranda of understanding and agreements with international universities, apart from the power in the process of granting scholarships to students and researchers.            

At the level of scientific conferences, symposia and seminars, the university held 30 local and international scientific conferences, 213 symposia and 271 seminars during the past year.  

As for patents, university professors and researchers were able to obtain (46) patents that could be applied in various fields. 

 At the level of global classifications, in 2018 the University of Babylon received the first locally and internationally advanced grades of RUR (Russian), SCImago Institution ranking, Google scholar, QS World University Ranking, Unirank classification,  4ICU, Webomatrics where the University of Babylon, according to the classifications of the Spanish Institute of the Webumatrix (Webometrics 2018.2) was able to obtain (first place) locally for the fourth consecutive time; (32nd) at the Arabian level, and (2177th) globally. Moreover, the university got the first rank for the third time in (4ICU) classification.  Also, after the continuous scientific efforts and researches published in the world magazines, and corresponding to the database of Scotps, the university managed to stand second in the classification of Simaco - (695th) globally. Last but not least, it was the third rank that the university obtained according to the classification of QS World University Rankings among Iraqi counterparts; the (37th) among Arabic ones and (801st) globally out of (1000) universities for the year 2019. 

Meanwhile, the University of Babylon was able to issue 52 methodological, refrences and translated books: (9) textbooks, (40) references and (3) translated books. Hence, the university witnessed the promotion of (219) teaching staff members to higher scientific grades distributed to (63) ones being Professors, (106) as Assistant Professors and (50) as Teachers. 

The University of Babylon hosted (5) Visiting Professors from global universities to deliver scientific lectures in various disciplines. It held a scientific cooperation agreement with the University of Leicester in the field of medical sciences in order to develop the teaching staff on the curriculum; the agreement Included the dispatch of 20 members of teaching staff to the University of Leicester to participate in the discussion sessions of the university theses and projects.

 The university as well introduced The Department of Quranic Fiqh in the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, which will be included in the Student’s Prospectus for central admission for the academic year 2019 2020. 

 The number of university teaching staff members in 2018 was (1998) holding scientific titles surpassing the corresponding universities. The university unique  scientific achievement was embodied by the success of the twinning programs with a number of British universities and its students’ acquisition of excellent ranks. This is verily a clear and explicit indication of the sobriety of the University of Babylon curriculum, which parallels the curricula of world universities to be qualified into the broadening of the international accreditation to its academic programmes, which will boost its international reputation. 

In the year 2018, the University of Babylon was awarded as (The First Distinguished University 

  Achieving The Most Number of Goals) during The Iraqi Flag Day Competition organized by the Research and Development Department of the Ministry of Higher Education.              

Last year, the number of alumni that graduated from the university were (608) - from (20) colleges: (385) as Masters, (126) as Doctors and (97) of the High diploma, and approximately (five) thousands of the initial study.