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Faculty of Law Present Legal Study on Ministries Integration Decision

Published Date : 31/12/2018
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The Faculty of Law has prepared a legal study on the integration of the Ministry of Environment with the Ministry of Health in Iraq, presented by Dr. Ismail Sassa’a al-Budairi at the first scientific conference on the legal and constitutional dimensions of environmental protection, held by Imam al-Kadhim College (Peace be upon him) for Islamic sciences.

The study tagged (legal consideration of the merger of the Ministry of Environment with the Ministry of Health in Iraq) indicated that in 2015 the cabinet issued a decision - as a bid for administrative reforms - to merge those two bodies, and to authorize the Iraqi Parliament to legislate the merger of ministries as a due way of reducing expenditures following the decline in oil prices, the security conditions that the country had been undergoing because of ISIL’s terrorism and transgression, besides the attempt to reduce political quota.

The study showed that some of these objectives are legitimate, and constitute an important step towards the palatable administrative and political reform; still there are negative impacts of the said decision, since Iraq has been suffering from the phenomenon of environmental pollution since 1980 because of wars; also, the abnormal nature of the country generated by desertification, low water levels and pollution; the indiscriminate spread of population groups apart from the local market being soaked with various goods that might devastate the environmental and social realities.

The constitutional provision related to the aforementioned decision, however, requires the cooperation of the province with the central authority for the purpose of environmental protection after a clear strategic plan has been developed to protect the environmental balance from contamination.