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Babylon University Achieves Two Power Plants of Solar Cells Project

Published Date : 26/12/2018
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The University of Babylon has installed two electrical power plants by means of solar cells in both the building of the Electrical Engineering Department - the Faculty of Engineering and in the building of Musayyab Faculty of Engineering. The project was directly executed by al-Zawraa public Company, affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, and under the supervision of the Reconstruction and Projects Department in the University .

The Chairman of the Project Supervisory Committee, Mr. Murtadha Mudhar Abbas, said that this project is one of the pioneering ones that will be carried out unprecedentedly outside the capital Baghdad, specifically at the University of Babylon, with a total capacity of (30) kw in Musayyab College of Engineering apart from (100) kw in the University Presidency.

He added that the installation of the two terminals contributes to meet the needs and rationalization of consumption by 25-30% of the electrical load of the building, as well as its importance as a renewable energy source for its cleanliness and mitigated environmental effects.