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Mussayyab Faculty of Engineering Participates in Samsung Symposium

Published Date : 24/12/2018
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The Faculty of Engineering / Musayyab participated in the seminar set up by Samsung - the South Korean company for the manufacture of electrical appliances, communication and refrigeration devices at Babylon Hotel hall. Engineer Dr. Ali Sabri - representative of the college- said that the seminar discussed the way in which the company reached the development in  manufacturing various and modern devices of cooling, which helps to economize in the volume and energy consumption of homes and large buildings.

Dr. Ali s participation was a lecture to publicize the benefits of energy frugality and its saving in these devices, because of the importance of this issue in reducing energy consumption, especially in light of the acute shortage in Iraq and the need for low energy-consuming devices with the possibility of benefiting from the expenditure lowering, as large companies seek to reduce energy consumption considering exorbitant electricity bill prices.

The seminar was led by the regional director of Samsung s sales in Iraq and surrounding countries, and brought together those interested in the subject of air conditioning and energy. Dr. Ali stressed that such seminars are useful for both citizens and the state.