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College of Science for Women Establishes Cooperation Agreements with Foreign Universities

Published Date : 24/12/2018
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The College of Science for Women is looking at a cooperation agreement with a number of foreign universities. The dean of the College, Dr. Ghaida’a Abdul Hussain al-Sultani, stated that the college is seeking to conclude an agreement with the French universities, where scientific consultations between the college and one of these universities have been exchanged for the purpose of preparing a scientific agreement including sending students to foreign university and exchanging experiences between their professors. 

Meanwhile, al-Sultani stressed that the college had agreed with Amir Kabir University of Iran to send students for summer training, noting the college s preparations to hold a scientific conference in cooperation with the Faculty of Information Technology. She also mentioned the role of the college in sponsoring the Overseas Alumni Conference scheduled for the end of next year. Moreover, she noted that the faculty obtained the approval of the Board of the University of Babylon to begin the procedures for the development of the master s study for the Department of Chemistry.