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Faculty of Medicine Assistant Professor Participates in World Conference of Hormones and Endocrine

Published Date : 23/12/2018
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Edited By : University of Babylon

The Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Hussain al-Bayyati, of the Faculty of Medicine, participated in (World Conference of Hormones and Endocrinology), established by the World Society of Hormones and Endocrinology (Endocrine Society), in collaboration with the European Society of hormone and endocrine diseases and diabetes (European Society of Endocrinology) in Turkey / Antalya.

Dr. al-Bayyati s scientific lecture on the application of the therapeutic evidence for diabetes in Iraq, was attended by many consultants and experts, whereby he discussed the practical situation and ways of overcoming obstacles facing the implementation of scientific contexts in Iraq and others that  delay this application.

al-Bayyati pointed out that during the conference, which is annually held, what is usually addressed is all recent medical developments in the field of diagnosis and treatment of these diseases, and the latest scientific research in the field of (medical guidelines).