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University of Babylon Chancellor Participates in Manpower Development International Conference

Published Date : 20/12/2018
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The Chancellor of the University of Babylon, Prof. Dr. Adil Hadi al-Baghdadi, participated in the opening of the first International Conference on Manpower Development organized by the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up in the Ministry of Higher Education, along with a number of ministry officials and academics from various Iraqi universities.

The Conference, organized in cooperation with ARCS Organization and the US Embassy in Baghdad, included lectures by a number of specialists in the field of manpower development at American universities, whereby ideas were discussed and exchanged. What was emphasized then was the initiatives that serve Iraq and its future strategy in building a strong which is  able to face all circumstances and compete globally.

Dr. Fouad Qasim Mohammed, Undersecretary for scientific research, said in his speech that the Ministry seeks through its strategy to strengthen cooperation between the state institutions in the industrial sector and universities in order to develop the manpower levels in Iraq, and to create the skills required to employ new graduates through the inclusion of such skills in the curriculum.

He added that the Ministry is working to bring about the changes required to develop the relationship of education with the industrial and administrative sectors, university professors and centres of rehabilitation, employment and follow-up as well as  the integration of new graduates into the labour market by means of employment and qualification divisions and the establishment of job fairs.