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Faculty of Medicine Discusses Acute Respiratory Diseases in Children

Published Date : 19/12/2018
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The Faculty of Medicine held a scientific symposium on (the latest developments of acute respiratory diseases in children and methods of treatment and prevention), in the presence of the Dean of the faculty Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Witwit, director of Babil Educational Hospital for women and children Dr. Jawad al-Bairamani, a large number of the faculty teachers, specialist  doctors of the Department of Health of Babylon, and students of postgraduate and elementary studies.

The seminar, chaired by Prof. Dr. Yahya Abdel-Shaheed, included four scientific lectures; The first of them was presented by Dr. Jawad al-Bairamani, who spoke about the epidemicity of acute respiratory diseases in children both globally and locally. Then, Dr. Mudhar Hassan Noor gave an overview of those diseases’ main causes in the second lecture.

The third lecture was for the head of the Children s Branch, Dr. Adnan Handhal, about the diagnostic and therapeutic measures for the various acute respiratory diseases in children and the reasons for giving antibiotics in various cases.

 Finally, the seminar was concluded with a lecture by Dr. Tony Harb, director of the office of Sandoz company for medications  in Iraq, who shedded light on the mechanism and types of treatment of the disease in children, reviewing the types of old and modern therapies.