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University of Babylon Organizes Electronic System Development Workshop

Published Date : 19/12/2018
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Edited By : University of Babylon

The University of Babylon organized a workshop on the development of electronic systems adopted in the departments and centers of the university, in the presence of the assistants of the Deans of colleges and the representatives of registration systems in colleges and the computer center of the university.

 Vice Chancellor for Scientific Affairs Dr. Qahtan al-Jubouri said that the workshop aimed at informing the colleges about the aspects contained in the registration system, as well as the access to the systems of other centers to improve the performance of the authorized representatives and giving electronic work vital importance.

Dr. al-Jubouri added that the workshop discussed the mechanism of entering the central acceptance data that the Ministry of Higher education sends in the form of Excel and clarify the mechanism of electronic submission of students accepted at the university through the university website with an explanation of the mechanism of the evening registration.

The seminar saw the presence of a delegation from the University of Mosul, which expressed great admiration for the electronic work of the University of Babylon, and made a number of important observations regarding the standardization of both systems’ accounts and interfaces, granting the possibilities for teachers to browse their data on the system of individuals apart from other systems - providing them with the possibility to add their own research and activities directly.