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Faculty of Information Technology Holds Future Internet Seminar

Published Date : 18/12/2018
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The Faculty of Information Technology set up a scientific symposium on the Internet in the future: Central information network is the key, presented by Dr. Raed Nasir al-Obaidi, attended by a number of professors and students of the college. The seminar aimed to highlight the problems that still stuck within the current Internet architecture because of the modern technology in the field of computers and telecommunications (devices that have the ability to access the Internet), and on the other hand the amount of information that is transmitted through the Internet, as well as diagnosing the effects of these problems (delay, weakness of service, safety, privacy, etc.), considering the prosthetic solutions of researchers in this area which do not address the real reasons for the emergence of these problems.

 In the recent period, however, a solution has emerged which is to think seriously about the change of the Internet policy, which has been focusing on the information site (IP address). So, the focus must be shifted to the same information (content name), and accordingly a new Internet model has been introduced for the future under the heading (central information networks).

The seminar explained the difference between the proposed approach and the current one, and how it can achieve a qualitative leap on the global level, if applied, especially since many research groups around the world have prepared special laboratories to study and introduce several architectures under this name. Thus, the proposed model is a new and serious start should be approached and utilized by researchers.