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Department of Quality Assurance Holds Workshop on Solid, Accessible Database

Published Date : 18/12/2018
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Edited By : University of Babylon

The Department of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance organized a workshop on documenting and constructing a solid and accessible database of the University of Babylon, in the presence of the Chancellor Prof. Dr. Adil Hadi al-Baghdadi, Vice Chancellor for Academic affaires Prof. Dr. Qahtan al-Jubouri, directors of the centers and departments of the presidency,  deans’ assistants as well as quality assurance representatives.

The Chancellor spoke of the importance of unifying visions, working together for the speedy completion of data collection and accuracy, and following up on updating it as a working routine for the years to come, so that the university should  be held high and placed in a prestigious position among high reputation world universities.

He did also stress the need to improve the scientific and administrative levels of teachers. Prof. Dr. Qahtan al- Jubouri, in his turn, briefly explained the criteria of the International classification so-called THE and the necessity to work hard to be qualified to take part in it next year, as indicated in other more details given by the director of Quality Assurance Department Dr. Fadel Hassoun.