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Faculty of Dentistry Holds Symposium on Narghile Lethal Impact

Published Date : 17/12/2018
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The Faculty of Dentistry established a scientific symposium on the impact of narghile (shisha) on the health of people, chaired by Dr. Qasim Abdul Karim al-Bayyati.

The first lecture, which was presented by Dr. Lamia Abdul Khaliq, revealed the history of narghile and its ingredients; how it turned into a phenomenon; its effect on oral and dental health and the dehydration and decay it causes, as well as the incidence of gum cancer and hepatitis. 


Dr. Ali Saleh, a teacher at Hammurabi College of Medicine, explained the influence of this phenomenon on human health in general; it leads to many diseases, including the lack of fertility in men, the erosion of lung functions, tuberculosis and stomach pains.

The Director of the Office of Mental Health and the Chairman of the Committee to Combat Narghile in the Department of Health of Babylon, Dr. Haidar al-Habib, showed that there is a big trend of young people to this, explaining the health and legal regulations taken by the Department of Health in Babylon, including the issuance of special instructions in Babil governorate to prevent those below the age of 18 apart from observing the owners of the cafes.

The seminar recommended that the concerned parties be approached to make the users of shisha in the open areas rather than the closed one, and the participants called for the need to raise awareness of all groups of society and to clarify their risks to the health of the individual.