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Faculty of Materials Engineering holds Scientific Lecture

Published Date : 16/12/2018
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Edited By : University of Babylon

The ceramics and building materials department at the Faculty of Materials Engineering held a scientific lecture titled (Study of the form of Colonite granules with one of the different schemes). The lecture, which was delivered by visiting Professor Qais Abdul Jabbar al-Rashed from the Australian University (Latrobe), was attended by the Chancellor Prof. Dr. Adel Hadi al-Baghdadi, dean of the Faculty of Materials Engineering Dr. Nizar Jawad al-Araji, and a number of professors and students of the department.

The lecture included an illustration of the relationship between the effective graph of electrical resistance with water content or the weight of the unit in relation to the properties of Cololin-with bentonite or sand with different contents, and is included in a research study of the dominant combination of aloluonite.