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Global Conference on Oil Discoveries

Published Date : 13/12/2018
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Edited By : University of Babylon

A number of professors of Applied Geoscience at the Faculty of Science participated in the first International Conference on modern contributions of geo-physics and remote sensing techniques in oil exploration, which was set up by the Karkh University at the Baghdad Oil Cultural Center Hall, in the presence of many professors and academics interested in oil and uses of remote sensing techniques. 


The participation in the Conference was represented by the head of the department Dr. Mohammed Sattam al-Tamimi and the teaching staff Dr. Linaz Anis Fadel and Dr. Ahmed Abbas al-Muathin, where Dr. Al-Tamimi conducted scientific research in the field of geo-physics and remote sensing techniques in the exploration of oil. He also discussed some scientific matters and aspects of coordination between the Department of Applied Geoscience in the Faculty of Science of the University of Babylon and some of the institutions of the Ministry of Oil.