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Workshop to develop leadership skills

Published Date : 13/12/2018
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Edited By : University of Babylon

The rehabilitation, recruitment and follow-up unit at the Faculty of Law has set up a workshop on the development of leadership skills among the students of the fourth stage of the college. The workshop, where Dr. Maher Mohsen Aboud is present, aimed at developing the leadership skills of the college students to become qualified and effective leaders  - able to contribute to building and community service, as well as providing them with a range of basic knowledge, skills and positive behaviors that enable them to work within the team efficiently and effectively, and enable them to manage the team to ensure the success of the work. 

The workshop discussed a series of axes focused on leadership and influence, strategic vision, leadership patterns and discovery, the behavioural skills of the leader and dealing with change, as well as the fundamentals of intelligent leadership to develop leadership skills and promote creativity, innovation and human communication skills, and methods of dealing with the management of emotions and time, the art of persuasion and negotiation, the body language, and the personality traits of a successful leader.