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Various Artistic Programs at College of Fine Arts

Published Date : 13/12/2018
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The Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Babylon announced various programs for various artistic activities in the departments of the College during December month. Dr. Fakher Mohammed al-Rubaie, dean of the college, said that during December, the departments will witness various artistic and cultural activities where the Department of Theatre Arts will hold   a scientific session to discuss the dramatic personality transformations in Mikhail Roman s theatrical texts, and a theatrical workshop in which Dr. Qasim Beytali is going to be hosted, as well as a session to discuss the deliberative performance of the dialogue in the contemporary theatrical text, and another session to discuss the poetry of the advertising picture and its representation in The theatrical show, in addition to holding a scientific symposium on the theme of theater and technology.

He added: The Department of Art Education will see a scientific session to discuss the Theosophical representation in the visual formation of the post-modern arts, and organize a workshop on office borrowing for new students accepted this year in the department.

Al-Rubaie said the design department will also witness a lecture on Bararidolya as a speech language, a lecture on product packaging design methods, a panel discussion on tensile elements in commercial advertising designs, and a lecture on the intellectual underpinnings of Islamic art and its representation in art designs. , as well as the organization of a workshop on the intellectual and structural dimensions of abstract painting and the movement of the art of the minimum.