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Field Course to 4th Class Students of Applied Geoscience

Published Date : 13/12/2018
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The Department of Applied Geoscience at the Faculty of Science has set up a field dedicated to the fourth stage students  as part of the curriculum of the rock mechanics course in the areas of Shuraih al-Qadhi and Abdullah Abu Najm - between the governorates of Diwaniyah and Najaf, supervised by a number of teaching staff.

The field course ensures that students are informed about the sequence of the training which reveals the formation of Anjana and the Nafel and the study of the rock breaks (intervals, cracks and veins), their inclination, direction, vertical and semi-vertical stretches on the matching surfaces and the distance between these interruptions and their frequency in the group Yen (S1, S2) which is categorized according to the global group of Rock Mechanics (ISRM), as well as the collection of rock models by students.


The students and their professors praised the implementation of the course by deanship of the Faculty of Science, the presidency of the Department of Applied Geoscience, the Scientific Committee and the Council of the Department to establish such courses, which combine their theoretical study and applied aspects on the ground. 

The field course was supervised by Prof. Dr. Jaafar Hussain Ali al-Zubaidi, Dr. Abdul Karim Hussein Abd, Dr. Linaz Anis Fadel, and geologist Saahi Jawad Aubayis.