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A research team at the Faculty of Materials Engineering is a project to improve the tensile strength of steel plasters

Published Date : 12/12/2018
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A team composed of Dr. Abdul Samie Jassim Al-Kalabi, students Huraa Najem and Hanadi Kazem, and Amer Amer from the Faculty of Materials Engineering prepared a research project to improve the tensile strength of low, medium and low-carbon steel and cast iron.

The project addresses a common problem in steel type welds, which is twice the resistance due to the hot cracks that are often associated with welding these types of steel. These cracks occur due to the isolation of fragile components with low degrees of weariness on the crystalline boundary which is low resistance at high temperatures, Causing rupture across crystalline boundaries under the influence of thermal shrinkage stresses and thus the welded parts fail.

The project indicated that there are several ways to reduce the occurrence of these cracks, but they are very expensive and some are impractical for the large parts of the welds. The project is using cheap poles available by winding copper wires used in the manufacture of electric motors of different sizes and gave this method good results.